13 Effective Ecommerce Website Design Tips for A Conversion Optimized Store

19th June 2016 0
Divya Pandey E-commerce Evangelist
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E-commerce stores are created for getting the products sold. Whether you are a marketplace owner or an eCommerce store owner where you sell your products, it’s very important to get the product reach the customer in the right way in the right form. We must create values for our users and ourselves too. The best way to do that is to build a conversion focused eCommerce website. If the design is good, then the user experience would be enhanced causing that ‘wow factor’ when users visit your website.

There is no doubt in the fact that what appeals to the eye, goes into the cart. Good aesthetics, beautifully photographed images, simple & easy navigation, and effective filters add to the possibility of the user getting converted into a customer.

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In order to create an eCommerce store design which is conversion oriented, there are few points which must not be ignored. We have compiled a list of the effective eCommerce website design tips to help you in creating a website which not only satisfies the customers but also meets your business goals.

1. Take the first step: Use conversion centred design only

If you are planning to create a website which increases the conversion rate of your eCommerce store then what you must not ignore is conversion centred design. Before approaching the UX Designer or the company, investigate them if they have any experience in creating conversion oriented websites. Ask for their portfolio and if you find it to be meeting your expectations, go for it.

Also, if you are convinced that your website has that ‘conversion factor’ and uniqueness to make you converted into a customer then only get it developed.

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Ecommerce website design tips_conversion centered design

2. Good Aesthetics

If you are using classic looking designs with a neat and clean presentation, you are on the right track. The eCommerce store should be appealing and graceful enough to engage the customer for a longer session time. If you convey your messages in an elegant way, users would listen to them carefully.

3. Simple & Effective User Navigation

How do you feel when you go to a page on a website and don’t know how to go to some other page? Feel like going to the homepage by clicking on the logo? Some of the users who are actually in need may think about going to the homepage but most of them like closing the website window and going to any other website. If you confuse the user, you enrage them, ultimately, losing them forever. Keep in mind, easy user navigation is of higher importance for conversions.

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4. Easy Search Options

We have multiple categories, hundreds and thousands of products with multiple variants on our store. But our users don’t want it all. They have their own special requirements and thus, what matters to them is to find what they want, buy it and go. They don’t want their time to be wasted and we are sure that even you don’t want that. Give your users effective search bar to search for the product they are looking for. Also, make it reachable. Don’t put it in the footer or in the sidebar. It should be visible and the options or results should be shown instantly in the drop down so that they are able to easily get what they want.

5. Effective Filters

After the user has searched the products, he would like to customize the results shown. If the user is looking for a shirt, he might want it printed and white in colour with a price range from 1500 to 2000. You must consider all the important factors for every category and/or sub-category and provide it in the form of filters. The better the filters, simpler and enhanced would be the buying experience.

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6. Intuitive Product Images (Also for variants)

Product images must be appealing. If it doesn’t look good to the eye, it might not trigger the positive psychological elements causing the user going to another product or eCommerce store. For the product images and their variants, the images should be nicely captured, presented and shouldn’t be different from the original product.

7. Social Login & Email Login Options

It was found that more than 80% of the users feel bothered to open their new accounts, fill in all the details and remember passwords of all of them. Not a good idea at all! If your target group lies between the age group which is extensively active on social media then you can utilize the various social login extensions available on the stores. There is still a small group of people who might not want their personal data to be accessible and hence they discourage the social login options. To capture both of these two types of users, create a social login popup which has social login options as well as email login options.

Ecommerce Website Design Tips_Social login options

8. Use of Conversion-Optimized Extensions

Whether you are using Magento or Woo commerce or any other framework for creating your eCommerce store, there are extensions available in excess on their extension stores. You can either check on their official extension store or google for your required extension. However, not all of them are conversion optimized extensions. Some of them may slow down the website or affect the aesthetics. Don’t forget to read the reviews about the extension before installing and configuring it on your eCommerce store.

9. Clearly Show the ‘Out of Stock’

Users do get disappointed when they see a product, want to purchase it but at the end see that the product is unavailable or out of stock. This triggers the negative emotions. You must show the out of stock option clearly to the users on the product listing or category page only. There should not be a surprise about the availability of the product after user lands on the product page.

10. Filter by ZIP Code Option

If the product is not available at a particular location then why to disappoint the users? You may use the filter by ZIP code extension to allow the users to first enter their zip code and then show the products available for that particular location.

Filter by ZIP code_Ecommerce Website Design Tips

11. No Surprises At The Checkout Page

All the prices, taxes, delivery charges should be shown on the product page itself; do not surprise the users by showing additional cost just before they are ready to pay and checkout. It may cause them to abandon the cart.

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12. Easy Checkout (One-page checkout is preferred)

Make the checkout experience as easy as possible for the users. Having multiple pages for checkout may lead to increased checkout time affecting the probability of the user to complete the transaction. Creating one-page checkout is the preferred option. Showing saved cards, addresses, etc. may lead to quick payment.

13. Showcase Testimonials and Monitor User Reviews

Showing testimonials or user reviews on the eCommerce store can help the users in the decision-making process. Also, the user reviews should be monitored and answered from time to time. User reviews, whether negative or positive should be answered by the product selling company in a very polite manner. Doesn’t matter whether it’s positive or negative, the approach of the seller creates an impact on the new buyers.


The design of the eCommerce store does matter. It is the base of your web-based enterprise and you must try to make it world class for your users to like it and tell their 500 friends. Add the wow factor and the unique factor on the website with the eCommerce website design tips mentioned above and create a conversion-oriented website.


Divya Pandey – E-commerce Evangelist

As an e-commerce evangelist at Conversion Bug, Divya keeps on experimenting new methods to increase the conversion rates of the e-commerce stores. Increasing the profits of the stores is her primary goal. She writes on topics related to Conversion rate optimization, conversion marketing, and e-commerce CRO.

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