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15th November 2016 0
Syed Zainul Haque Assitant Marketing Manager
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Facebook as on September 2016 has a monthly active user base of over 1.79 million users.It is 16% year over year increase. What does it mean for you? Simple, you need to make it a part of your business to survive and succeed. It will provide a great chance to reach and connect with your target audience.

Now, you must be wondering how and from where I should start to get increase my fan base and convert them to customers. In this article, we will enlist ways which can help you drive conversions from your Facebook Fan Page.

Before we start we have made an assumption i.e. you have already created a Facebook Fan page with all requisite details such as name, about us and profile photos filled up appropriately.

So what steps should you take to manage it effectively?

#1: Create a Facebook Shop

Facebook is a great way to engage your customers and all of us are trying hard to utilize it to fullest. But, none of us focus on ways to generate higher conversions through our Facebook page. Facebook allows you to create a Facebook shop.

To create Facebook shop follow these steps:

Set Up Facebook Shop

Once created, your Facebook shop would look like:

Facebook Shop Setup

This will allow increase your social engagement and improve your conversion rates too.

#2: Optimize your page for Search Engines

A quick fact: 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. So you can’t ignore it. Yet, most of us do not consider it while building our Facebook fan page.

Did you know? Google while ranking a website indexes your Facebook page too.

To help yourself to rank among the top you need to enter the description of your page with all relevant keywords. So just filling in the company overview won’t be much.

To access the options, go to your page>About>Page Info

Facebook Shop setup

Fill in all the details such as Long description, Mission, Awards, Products etc with relevant keywords and search engine will find you for sure.

#3: Assign roles:

In case you are the only one who manages your page you can skip this step.
However, if you have a person or team helping you out then you need to consider assigning roles for sure.  Don’t leave an option when your employee screws up your page and you lose your fans.

So in order to decide,
Go to Settings>Page Role> Enter the person name or e-mail > Select his role as Admin/Editor/Moderator/Advertiser/Analyst


This will help you assign responsibilities and provide access as per person’s profile.Every role has different capabilities which are as follows:

Facebook Admin Options

So assign roles with a clear understanding of one’s responsibility. Also, have a monthly Facebook evaluation and training session. Discuss address etiquette and expectations from employees who manage your page. You also need to keep a close eye on Facebook new features and modify your tactics as per need.

#4: Create tabs that drive conversions

Facebook has a wonderful option of customizing tabs on your page. You can also delete or add new as per your company’s goals. Most of the brands ignore this attribute and wonder why they aren’t meeting the conversion goals.

Your tabs (the four featured boxes plus the eight hidden below them) are your opportunity to drive your business goals. Create tabs to tell more about your brand, sell the product, drive subscriptions or feature a contest. The possibilities are endless. But whatever you can do on your website, you can do within a Facebook tab.

The steps to edit it are:

Click on More option on your page>Manage Tabs


After this, you will see a pop-up as this

Facebook Shop Option

You can rearrange the existing tabs as per your business needs and in case you wish to add any other app please click on add or remove tabs and select the app which you wish to add.

Facebook Apps


#5:  Use Facebook insights to understand your strategies pros and cons

While working with our clients we have noticed two basic types of Facebook page admins: first, who  post based  on what motivates engagement and second who use Facebook’s Insights to actually drives engagement and then conversions.

So what are you?

We feel the second one is the one who will yield better results.You should be checking insights and understand what exactly your fans want regularly. It will also help you understand the demographics of your audience and strategies and allow you to stay on track as Facebook regularly makes changes in its algorithm.
Refer to our Facebook Insights Guide.



#6:  Invite your fans to generate reviews
Testimonials from customers are the best sales tools you can ever get. So, invite your fans and wait for customers to provide positive feedback. Request them to leave a comment on your Facebook page if they’re happy with your product or service.

Once, they do so recognize them use them as a part of your cover photo or seek their personal photo and highlight them.


Facebook Fan Reviews


This will help your conversion rate to improve by 10% due to higher credibility and customer friendly attitude.


Steps listed above are one which we found most important and worked for maximum organizations.

We would love to hear from you if you have an innovative strategy which worked for you.


Syed Zainul Haque – Assitant Marketing Manager

Zainul works with us as Assistant Manager- Marketing and he ensures that the marketing strategies are devised, discussed and executed on time. He has enormous multi-tasking ability in him with an interest in multiple domains. This enables him to think out of the box marketing solutions for us and our clients. He is a people’s person and thus, when he is not working, he would be found interacting with the colleagues.

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