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2nd November 2016 0
Syed Zainul Haque Assitant Marketing Manager
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One of our recent clients was struggling to get traffic organically. They were gaining good brand recognition among consumers through advertisement but organic traffic was poor. Since their lead generation technique was completely based on their online portal , so the fall in new visitor percentage became a primary concern.

Conversion Solution

In order to succeed,two techniques were employed. First,on-page optimization i.e rectifying issues on the website. Second, off page optimization, i.e finding out ways to drive relevant traffic from similar websites.

The steps were taken for on-page optimization are:-

  • Created A Site Structure 
    The existing sitemap wasn’t up to the mark which didn’t allow search engines to index properly. A clear site structure was created as per product categories, type, name and variants name. Now, how search engines like Google, Bing look at this website was made clear.
  • Proper Page Indexing 
    The pagination was not proper in the earlier website due to which search engine spiders couldn’t index the page.Best page management practices were implemented leading to better crawls and enhanced results.
  • Meta Description Was Made Precise
    Google was incorrectly pulling site slogans as meta description which resulted in a large number of duplicate pages. To combat pages were individually crafted and updated with content-rich meta descriptions.
  • Wrote Keyword Friendly Heading
    The content which was present didn’t have keyword-centric content neither had proper <H1> tags. Once this was identified page details were made keyword specific.
  • Cross-Linking In Website
    Though the pages were linked to external links but there was no linking among them. So, linking blog posts with network sites across was a major exercise done.
  • Trained Content Writers
    To ensure that this growth continues beyond our limited engagement, we trained the company’s writers on how to correctly identify and insert internal links in future posts. A thorough training was given to content writer to do keyword research and use it while writing the content as per gooogle’s latest algorithm.
  • Enabled Proper Caching
    Site speed was improved by enabling proper caching methods. The idea was to minimize the number of new resources that must be loaded on every launch. The site was able to load in less then 3 seconds on desktop and mobile. The google rating parameters on desktop is 83 / 100 and on mobile it is 76 / 100. #SEO Click To Tweet.
  • Added Image ALT Tags
    ALT tags were added to every image so that it is helpful for users browsing the web while increasing SEO visibility.

With these efforts, on-site SEO was improved but the need to take further steps to improve off page optimization was identified. Some of the steps taken were:

  • Search Engine Submission of nested Sitemap.xml
    Nested sitemap based on categories was created and re-submitted the website on most popular search engines with the modified sitemap. The search engines we choose was according to demographics of users. Since, the target market was USA, Canada, and the Middle East so we choose Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Back Links was created
    This is the key ingredient in SEO success. A mix of DoFollow and NoFollow was created in various domain. To start improving domain authority and driving relevant we started backlinking our websites. Linking was done with relevant websites having high domain authority and traffic. The anchor text was kept generic and branded one.
  • Optimized RSS Feed
    Since the website was rich in content so we leveraged the use of RSS feed. The default link with Feedburner was replaced with smart feed to optimize for search results. Also, the website was submitted to various RSS directories.

By now, a good base was created so it was time to move to advance techniques. The major steps taken were:

  • Periodic Site Audi
    A periodic site audit was done in the same way as a search engine does.So, all Javascript, CSS  was disabled and the user agent was set to “Googlebot”. We saw the website exactly the same way as the crawler would see.Soon, a list of areas of concern such as hidden text for which Google can penalize.
  • Monitored Crawl Errors
    With tools like SEOMOZ, attributes like Cached Date, Page Rank, Domain Authority etc was monitored. The errors were identified and solutions were implemented for each in order of priority.
  • Created Crawlable Ajax
    A crawlable AJAX was created using Jquery. This improved site’s indexing and pages with a lot of content started showing on Google top searches.
  • Created Video Sitemaps
    Videos are a great way to drive traffic so we wanted to use it for driving traffic. An XML sitemap was created manually and added to it.

The above steps are taken in the period of 3 months.We continue to add some more Advance SEO hacks as per issues being identified.


To help you understand here are the Google Analytics results. The rise in sessions in the website.


The rise in new visitors is as follows:



Check out the organic growth





Syed Zainul Haque – Assitant Marketing Manager

Zainul works with us as Assistant Manager- Marketing and he ensures that the marketing strategies are devised, discussed and executed on time. He has enormous multi-tasking ability in him with an interest in multiple domains. This enables him to think out of the box marketing solutions for us and our clients. He is a people’s person and thus, when he is not working, he would be found interacting with the colleagues.

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