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Laravel is the finest PHP framework available today. Laravel is basically an open source PHP web application framework which is exclusively designed for development of model view controller (MVC) applications. Websites developed using Laravel are not only great at functionality but they look amazingly beautiful too. Laravel was released under the MIT license and its source code is to be hosted in GitHub. The modular packaging system of Laravel helps developers save lot of their time. Conversion focused Laravel development leads to lead generating and speed optimized websites which are a great combination for the success of any website.

Laravel development services

Features of Laravel

View Composers

Composers are blocks of code which can run when a view is loaded. Taking an example of blog-side navigation, where it contains list of blogs. A composer would contain the logic to load the blog posts so that all one has to do is load the view. This feature keeps from having to make sure that controllers load a bunch of data from models for views that are not related to that method’s page content.

Routing System

Laravel framework brings more flexibility and control over which route is triggered on the application. Laravel allows creating links to routes and the developer just needs to give name of the route and it will automatically insert the correct URI. Good part is that it allows to change routes at a later time and it also updates all of the relevant links throughout the site.


Laravel is widely considered to have some of the most stable releases in the industry as it is cautious of the known failures. Laravel runs hundreds of tests to ensure that new changes do not unexpectedly break anything. Laravel also makes it easy to write unit tests for own code. Developers can easily run unit tests with the “Artisan” command-line utility.

Automatic Pagination

Laravel’s pagination system was designed for programmers to make their work easier to implement and change. Automatic pagination prevents application logic from being cluttered up with a bunch of pagination configuration. The paginate method provided by Laravel automatically takes care of setting the proper limit and offset based on the current page being viewed by the user.




Know More Features Of Laravel Development

  • Laravel is enabled with numerous bundled features for easy addition to applications. It includes the modular packaging system which simplify things for the programmers.
  • Laravel is famous with its fluent query builder is supported by Eloquent which is an advanced PHP implementation that allows enforcing constraints between multiple database objects.
  • The application logic in Laravel is a developed application which is formed using the controller or being a part of route declarations. The syntax used over here is something very similar to the one which is used for Sinatra framework.
  • It includes the restful controllers which offers an option for untying the logic behind attending HTTP GET and POST requests.
  • Laravel has an auto-loading facility which delivers automated loading of PHP classes that doesn’t need any manual maintenance and inclusion paths.
  • It has an amazing Migration’s feature which offers a version control system aimed at database schemas, making it able to associate changes in the application’s code base and the rest in the database blueprint, facilitating deployment and updating of apps.

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