How Social Media Conversion Analysis Can Assist In Website Conversion?

29th November 2015 0
Ravin Kapadia Chief Conversion Officer
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One of the biggest concerns that must be plaguing you is the worry of how to increase your conversion rates. Whereas most people immediately think of advertising and expenditures of similar kinds, it is not always advisable to opt for this, especially when your competitors are industry giants who have plenty of options to invest further in advertisement. What you can do instead is to opt for social media conversion analysis of the current advertisements that you have invested in and track the leads that you are receiving from them, to help you recognize the areas of your website that needs optimization. With the help of social media conversions tracking facility, you can implement this technique easily.

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Thus, the social media possesses the power to enable your ads to reach the audience that you are planning to target. The probability of finding the right audience for your product is maximized with the help of this medium and these are three ways that you can use to tap into the potential of social media sites to improve your conversion rates.

Use Social Login

Supposing you are looking for a way to get people to sign up for your services, the quickest way to do this is to add the option for a social login. The use of a social media account for log-in saves both their time and is attractive to users over the more traditional creation of a separate profile for a website. Additionally, since it does not require the creation of a new password, password fatigue is not a common problem. Using Email and Facebook log-in options can help you save time and effort and attract the interest of consumers who will almost always opt for a shorter option as compared to filling out a form and this indirectly, aids in the gaining of conversions for your website.

Reducing Cart Abandonment

Similar to the use of a social login at the beginning of an interaction, the use of a UGG structure of checkouts can help you to ensure that people are not abandoning the carts due to a lengthy checkout procedure. The use of these techniques can help to ensure a seamless transaction and provide an easier “call-to-action” feature for customers, thus leading to improved check-out page conversions.

Encourage Social Proof with Easy Sharing

Wherever possible, encourage your users to provide testimonials that can help you build user confidence among those who are concerned about the quality of the product.

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The number of testimonials that is needed by a user to put their trust on a product was estimated at 6 as per 67% of consumers in the same study. By using social media testimonials, you can help boost your sales incredibly and optimize the conversion rates for your website.

Thus, by optimizing these aspects of your website through the use of social media, you can help aid in the conversion through the leads gained from social media.


Ravin Kapadia – Chief Conversion Officer

Ravin has in-depth understanding of all the digital marketing channels from search engine optimization to social media optimization. Through his conversion marketing strategies, Ravin has helped various online enterprises boost their profits.

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