How to combine conversion rate optimization with SEO?

16th June 2016 1
Syed Zainul Haque Assitant Marketing Manager
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), today, is the most effective method to drive optimized traffic on a website that too without spending huge monthly fees.  However, this traffic seems useless if these visitors do not become a customer.  So here comes the role of conversion rate optimization (CRO) whose pursuit is for optimal conversion rate through SEO and not a higher SEO ranking.

With an efficient search engine optimization strategy, you might be able to increase your traffic levels but the conversion rate of your website would remain minimal. We should believe in taking the risk of testing a new content and layout which helps us maximize our profit considerably in the long run.

conversion rate optimization

In order to have a clear understanding of what we intend to say, let us understand it with the help of an example.

To begin with let us assume, you are an owner of a business which has multiple offerings in the packaging industry. You decide to develop a website and enlist all of your products on your home page with all the relevant keywords. Soon, you start receiving great organic traffic. This gets you excited but with time you decipher that there isn’t much growth in your revenue. You ask your team to conduct an analysis for the same.

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In the analysis they conduct, they find that users do visit your page with the help of appropriate keyword you have enlisted but don’t go ahead to complete an order. The reason they identify is that users find too much of information on a single page which doesn’t allow them to focus on the product they are looking for. In order to address this issue, you decide to revamp your portal with conversion centered design which has pages focusing on a single product. With time, you see users with niche requirement visit your website for the product they are looking for. They now have complete information about your offering at a glance.

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Also, to make your website more SEO friendly you decide to use headlines to catch the attention of the visitors. These measures allow you to focus on search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization simultaneously.

The blend of conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization has multiple benefits, such as:

  • Once the page is optimized you will see a rise in inbound links and referrals as people would love to visit you again and again and share their experience.
  • Search engines today look for pages which are updated regularly so once you are regularly optimizing it you can expect a rise in SEO ranking for sure

You must be wondering by now, won’t I lose my efficient existing SEO ranking and would need to start from scratch once I revamp my website. The answer is NO and the ways to manage it are simple as well.  The steps you need to take so that conversion rate optimization doesn’t have any effect on search engine optimization are:

  • Use the same title, meta and heading link content in your test variation pages as in your control page.
  • Use CRO tool which uses a javascript redirect or section swapping to render your test allowing search robot to only see your default content.
  • While conducting  A/B test add your variation pages to your robots.txt file to block spiders giving you a double layer of protection against ‘duplicate content’ penalties.
  • Implement best SEO practices like such as ‘img’ alt attribute, search-friendly text and css-based code.
  • While replacing your old page with the new higher-converting page, use a 301 redirect to avoid any linking to variation pages during the test.
Use the same title, meta and heading link content in your test variation pages as in your control page. Click To Tweet

All smart online marketers have understood the benefit of using both the methods simultaneously to maximize website ROI and are using it efficiently. So why are you lagging behind?


Syed Zainul Haque – Assitant Marketing Manager

Zainul works with us as Assistant Manager- Marketing and he ensures that the marketing strategies are devised, discussed and executed on time. He has enormous multi-tasking ability in him with an interest in multiple domains. This enables him to think out of the box marketing solutions for us and our clients. He is a people’s person and thus, when he is not working, he would be found interacting with the colleagues.

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