Important features of Laravel which make it the finest PHP framework ever!

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Divya Pandey E-commerce Evangelist
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What is Laravel?

Laravel framework is one of the most popular PHP frameworks today. Laravel is exclusively designed for development of model view controller (MVC) applications and it was released under the MIT license. From personal usage to the projects at workplace, Laravel has turned out to be the choice of majority of developers from around the globe. So, which all features of Laravel make it that popular? In simple words, it’s the ‘simplicity’ of the framework. Laravel enables you to write beautiful code. It is indeed the php framework for those who want to create beautiful designs on the web, for the ‘web artisans’. From Laravel Cashier (for billings) to Laravel Socialite (fluent interface for Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub and BitBucket authentication), Laravel provides its developers the tools for getting the work done in simple ways.

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Important features of Laravel

Laravel Framework Market share

Laravel uses solid and tested components of another PHP framework Symfony and other powerful packages to make development fun for its users. Laravel enables its developers to create websites not only quickly, but it empowers them to create websites which are amazingly functional and beautiful. And that’s why Laravel enjoys a market share of 25.85% as compared to other PHP frameworks followed by Phalcon and Symfony 2.

Laravel framework marketshare

As per Google Trends…

As per the Google trends also, Laravel is the most trending PHP framework as compared to Symfony, CodeIgniter, Cake PHP, Zend Framework!

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Laravel Framework vs other PHP frameworks Google trends


Laravel: The choice of developers

In a survey done by Sitepoint, Laravel was found to be the most popular PHP framework for personal as well as work usage in the calendar year 2015. In developer’s choice, Symfony 2 and Nette followed Laravel in the rankings. The results of the same are demonstrated in the images below:

laravel popularity

laravel popularity in personal projects

Why one should use Laravel?

Laravel is one of the finest PHP frameworks and if you are interested in getting the development done in PHP then there is no better choice than Laravel. Let’s have a look in detail about the features of Laravel and benefits of Laravel:

Features of Laravel

1. Automatic pagination

The paginate method provided by Laravel automatically takes care of setting the proper limit and offset based on the current page being viewed by the user.

2. View composers

The view composer is one of the most important features of Laravel which makes sure that the controllers load a bunch of data from models for views which is not related to that method’s page content.

3. Routing system

Laravel provides the flexibility to its developers to choose which route is triggered on the application. Laravel routes are defined in the app/Http/routes.php file, which is automatically loaded by the Laravel framework. The most basic Laravel routes simply accept a URI and a Closure, providing a very simple and expressive method of defining routes. The Laravel developer just need to enter the name of the route and it will automatically insert the correct URI.

4. Unit testing

Laravel enables its web artisans to test their code in the best way possible. Using the Artisan command line utility, developers can write their own multiple unit tests easily.

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Benefits of Laravel over other PHP frameworks

  • Its simple and quick.
  • Setup and customization process is incredibly easy.
  • Stress free coding as it keeps all the SQL codes in separate model files.
  • The pre-loaded packages like Laravel Socialite, Laravel cashier, Laravel elixir, Laravel eloquent etc. make the development process easier saving the time of both the developer and the owner.
  • There are pre-enabled tools to protect from injection and xss attacks, which help the developers save their time from complex coding for site security.

Benefits & Features of Laravel


Laravel is not yet mature and older than other frameworks but it’s the simplicity of the framework which is making it popular. Also, the Laravel videos, Laracasts make it easier for the developers to learn the framework. The beauty, functionality and the simplicity of the code make it speedy, safe and secure. This ultimately helps create speed optimized websites based on the conversion focused design which results in higher leads and return on investment. If you are thinking of creating an optimized website based on PHP, select from various Laravel development companies or individual Laravel framework developers and get a conversion focused website created.


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