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29th November 2015 0
Ravin Kapadia Chief Conversion Officer
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There can be a multitude of reasons for not getting search engine traffic on your website. Apart from the website popularity the factors like poor search engine optimization, lesser emphasis on promotions, poor content can be a decisive factor in fetching web traffic. Here are some of the major lower web traffic reasons and how to amend it in simple ways.

Content Being Average Or Below User’s Expectation

Having a great website with multitude of features is good but emphasis should be given towards catering the needs of the customers or visitors. A visitor visits the website just for the sake of checking out the content if it fails to satisfy their needs then the bounce rate is likely to increase and most importantly, the web traffic will take a swing downwards.

Focus on providing fewer amount of consistent high quality content for the visitors rather than bombarding your website multitude of useless content. Write content with users in mind rather than for the search engines in order to boost web ranking and web traffic.

Poor Utilization Of Social Media

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Most websites fare low due to poor utilization of social media for broadening their horizons and getting upfront with the targeted visitors.

Increasing the presence of website on social media can be done by opening social media accounts and adding share buttons on the websites in a homogeneous manner. After posting content on your website blog make it available on the social media through various accounts on multiple platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others. Ensure that the users can easily share the same among their friends on social media with the help of share buttons.

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Poor Emphasis Upon Promotion

Most of the businesses give more emphasis in developing high end and more feature-full websites. But the effort on engaging the customers or visitors takes a back seat. One thing should be kept in mind that website doesn’t grow or increase it web traffic with word-of-mouth publicity. Hence, efforts should be made towards increasing the emphasis on promotion on a wider scale.

Increase the promotional activities by 50% to increase the return on investment on building high-end websites. Websites can undertake various promotional activities like connecting with the masses on social media, building links to the website, search engine optimization and executing advertising campaigns.

Get More Subscribers And Increase Your Reach

Do not be content with the existing base of subscribers, loyalists and visitors rather find out ways to improve the visitor traffic and increase the subscriber rate. Engage the new subscribers and encourage new visitors to join your mailing list. This can be done by providing free ebooks on subscribing to the visitors. Even redirects the users who posts comments to the content by giving them compelling reasons to subscribe.

It should be noted that the biggest hike in the web traffic upto 70% results from offering best content to the subscribers through emails. Encourage sharing of contents on social media which will help in boosting rank in search engines. Generally a website gets 80% more traffic from Google and weekends happens to be the best days for increasing the conversion rate.


Ravin Kapadia – Chief Conversion Officer

Ravin has in-depth understanding of all the digital marketing channels from search engine optimization to social media optimization. Through his conversion marketing strategies, Ravin has helped various online enterprises boost their profits.

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