How Tableau is useful for analyzing the data for higher e-commerce conversion rates?

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Divya Pandey E-commerce Evangelist
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Tableau is a data visualization software that helps people see and understand their data. The company’s core value “We use our products” says a lot about how much they are driven towards utilization of data for future benefits. Data is going to be the biggest resource in upcoming years for analyzing patterns and predicting future trends. Tableau helps you master that for your business. As said by most of its users, tableau is easy to use, beautiful and amazingly functional. The product quality, product functionality, support, customer relationship, product performance and achievement of business benefits and future view for tableau has been great.

tableau for ecommerce conversion rate optimization

Tableau uses various advanced technologies in order to maintain its perfectionism. They are:


VizQL is the main language behind the drag and drop functionality of Tableau. VizQL is the visual query language which translates drag and drop actions into data queries and then expresses that data visually.

Live Query Engine

The live query engine is the first technology to allow its users to natively connect to and query complex and large sets of data from databases, cubes, warehouses and cloud sources including Hadoop without any advanced technical knowledge.

benefits of using tbleau

In-Memory Data Engine

In-memory data engine provides you with the blazing speed when you analyze loads of data. Data can be too much and it can slow down the process creating frustration; but tableau, in order to avoid this scenario, uses the in-memory engine which leverages the complete memory hierarchy from disk to L1 cache.

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What Google trends has to say?

We analyzed the google trends data for Tableau software and two other similar data visualization companies i.e. TIBCO software and Qlik (For QlikTech & QlikView).  The results of the same prove the rising trend of Tableau.

Google trends about tableau software

Benefits of Tableau Over Other Visualization Tools

There are various benefits of tableau when it comes to data visualization. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Easy to use and allows rapid creation of reports and dashboards.
  2. Connects to loads of data without slowing down. Tableau by default saves latest five data extracts in the tableau repository folder in the .tde format and uses those in the cache memory which allows users to work quickly without any speed issue.
  3. The visualizations are beautiful, clear and out of the box.
  4. Advanced analysis of linear regression, trends, forecasting etc. are just a click away.
  5. The Show me tools give the users recommendations about various visual appearances which can be created for the data.
  6. Marks and cards make it easy and more flexible for the users to create visualizations.

 Benefits of tableau over other softwares

Tableau For Ecommerce Conversions

Web-based and mobile-based enterprises are the ones who need the maximum intelligence from web intelligence to business intelligence and predictive intelligence to human intelligence. Talking about E-commerce solely, the data is very vast and it can be analyzed to solve most of the problems which e-commerce companies generally face. Tableau can help companies analyze their complete sales database, their google analytics data, and AdWords data too. It enables the companies to understand which keywords are working in the best way for Pay per click and which are not. It helps the users understand from where the orders are coming in the maximum number as well as from where the returns are maximum. Analyzing the conversion funnel for placed orders and canceled orders also can lead to great insight for the conversions for the company. Visualizing the locations where minimum sales have occurred and the category of products being ordered can help companies strengthen their marketing strategies. Tableau can be used for analyzing anything and everything having relevant data.

Higher conversions are what everybody wants. From a blog writer to an e-commerce company, everybody is looking for leads and conversions. Tableau helps them do that. The biggest advantage of Tableau is that it consumes very less time for processing very large amount of data. The pictures created can lead to answers to many unanswered questions leading to quick and concrete decisions in the right direction.

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How can you use Tableau for analyzing the data?

Tableau provides its users an opportunity to see their data and understand their data. Tableau can be connected to multiple types of data servers and data can be extracted easily to create views, dashboards, and stories.

If you have an eCommerce store, then you can easily view following in number of minutes:

  • Locations from where the maximum number of sales/visitors are coming on to the website?
  • From which all locations, the maximum number of the orders have been canceled or returned?
  • Which all product categories are being sold more and which are not?
  • From categories also, one can see whether which product is bought by which segment of the target group.
  • Total sales/profits generated in any financial year or quarter or month for each of the categories.
  • Total sales/profits generated from any particular location or all the locations.
  • And much more…

When you have data in your hand and Tableau associate in the team then you can analyze the data for taking various types of decisions in your organization. You can also connect your google analytics data with Tableau and can visualize and compare data easily.

Tips For Using Tableau

The only problem which most of the tableau users face is of speed when using loads of data. Some tips for using tableau software are given below:

  1. Take the benefit of the ‘extract’ feature. Use extracts of the data you need to use in a workbook.
  2. When connected with live data for visualizations, it’s better to extract the required data and then use it.
  3. Using multiple connections between large sets of data can slow down the process, so it’s better to limit those.
  4. Be creative and innovative while creating visualizations to lead to better predictions. Data is vast and so is the knowledge you can gain from it.
  5. You can aggregate the data before using it in tableau to get detailed results quickly.


Being 90% correct sooner is better than being 100% correct after the time passes. Using Tableau for business and predictive intelligence gives you more power in your hand than any other tool as its easy to use, fast, easy to learn and beneficial to master. Visualizing the data eases up the work for strategy and marketing teams and tableau eases up the whole process.

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