Ways To Decide What You Should Optimize To Increase Sales

29th December 2015 0
Ravin Kapadia Chief Conversion Officer
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If you are looking for ways to optimize your website, here are a few tips that can help you determine the parts of the website that require optimization. With intelligent perspective into the minds of your consumers, you can determine the areas of your website that needs to draw attention so that your website is able to convert the leads more efficiently.

The 3-second test

The primary question that you should ask yourself is the efficiency of the page in depicting what it is selling. The consumer should be capable of identifying the product that you are selling and within three second (the 3-second rule).

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The design should be able to pull focus on the areas you wish to

The primary objective of the design of your website should be to pull the focus on the products that you are trying to sell. Having images aid the product can affect consumer decision up to 70.8% as determined by a consumer study conducted by Oneupweb.

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Ensure that your consumers can get in touch easily

Having an option for the easy possibility of contacting you can help the consumers feel safer while shopping with you, knowing that they have an option to get in touch with professionals for every need.

Address features that your consumers may be worried about up front

According to a study by Forrester, over 44% of all carts are abandoned due to higher shipping costs. Having a free shipping policy can ensure better sales. Another important issue to be addressed is the issue of returns and exchanges. Having your website clearly display these facts can help you to ensure better leads and conversions. Moreover, ensure that the offers are clear without any hidden surprises, since 25% of carts are abandoned due to higher prices and 22% due to hidden shipping costs.

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Featuring trust-marks

As determined by a study conducted by VeriSign and McAfee, having a trust-mark from a popular company can help increase sales by 36%.


A major portion of shoppers opt to view the experience of others who have purchased the product or availed of the service from the site. Having a mail sent to determine the response of the consumer to the service after you have availed of it can help you to ensure that other consumers will be impressed by review. However, ensure that your website does not fabricate any testimonial as it can lead to a loss of credibility amongst your consumers.

You can determine which of these areas are the ones that need to be focused on through the use of Google analytics and other websites designed for identifying the hot zones in your website by tracking the areas that receive more clicks and through the careful survey of comments received from your consumers.


Ravin Kapadia – Chief Conversion Officer

Ravin has in-depth understanding of all the digital marketing channels from search engine optimization to social media optimization. Through his conversion marketing strategies, Ravin has helped various online enterprises boost their profits.

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