Ways to Build Website Optimization Plan to Convert Traffic into Sales

29th November 2015 0
Ravin Kapadia Chief Conversion Officer
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Website optimization may be defined as a type of strategy, which is implemented on a site in order to develop traffic as well as rankings. The higher a site ranks on the search engines, the more the possibilities people are expected to find the site while they carry out a fast online search.

It is to be noted in this context that Conversion Rate Optimization is a constant procedure of making your site and landing pages create better outcomes from the visitor traffic. A 400% rise in the rate conversion is like obtaining 4 times the number of clients for the same marketing budget.

Before knowing the optimization plan, you have to recognize how the websites are ranked. The search engines also observe more than 200 issues to decide the website’s relevance to any search request. A few of these issues are woven into the basics of website. Others are actually trust signals depending on links from the best sites.

Handling The Images Of Website

Images are essential part of your site. However, when they are not appropriately optimized, they may become a load and end up using unpredictably huge level of bandwidths on a regular basis.

You have to add width and height of every image. Moreover, do not scale down a picture because you require a smaller web version. For instance, never force a scale of 200×200 px picture to 50×50 px for the website by changing the width or the height.

Applying A Good Host And Domain Name

There were almost more than 24 million domain names recorded in 2008 while 10.1 million new names are found in fourth quarter of 2008 across the top level domains.

Thus, the domain name is very important because the visitors will make use of it to access the website. Ensure that your own domain name is properly optimized for the major search engines. It should be short and is memorable. Some inexpensive hosting plans do not cater to quick loading. Besides, select a high standard hosting business to host the website.

Guest Blogging

It is observed that 66 percent of the businesses that HubSpot comprised in their research consist of a blog. They produced almost 67% more traffic than the companies with no blog.

Blogging is, thus, an important off-page SEO method that can assist to drive targeted visitors to your website. Posting keyword rich content may aid to drive visitors to your website. Connect your blog to the business site and support the blog readers to visit your website.

Social Media Networks

In a research, it is shown that 33 % of customers refer to social sites as the mode they discover latest brands, goods or services. Again, 78 % of small industries draw new customers with social media. So, you have to use the social networks, such as, Facebook in order to share the business content and links related to your website.

Make use of these best tips to convert traffic into sales, increase your ranking, boost the performance of your sites, and overall success of business.


Ravin Kapadia – Chief Conversion Officer

Ravin has in-depth understanding of all the digital marketing channels from search engine optimization to social media optimization. Through his conversion marketing strategies, Ravin has helped various online enterprises boost their profits.

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