Why you must optimize your website for users and not search engines and how?

14th May 2016 0
Ravin Kapadia Chief Conversion Officer
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Almost all of the website owners want good amount of traffic on their website. And most of the websites blindly follow search engine optimization tricks. But the basic formula for the same is doing correct search engine optimization. Now, what do we mean by correct search engine optimization? By correct search engine optimization, we mean that the website should be optimized for users and not the search engines.


The goal of the search engines is to ensure that the users get the right results and that’s why they keep on updating their algorithms just to ensure that the spammy websites get penalized and genuine websites get better ranking. We should also keep in mind that search engines consider factors like time spent on the website, page views etc. while ranking the website. Thus, the rankings can be increased only after ensuring right user experience with the right content.

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How To Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

Here we have listed more reasons why you must optimize for users and not search engines:

  • Search engine optimization aims at diverting the traffic towards a given website while at the same time ignoring the user experience once the user gets to the website.
  • Just calling users to your home page won’t help until and unless the user is satisfied with the experience on the website.
  • Optimization for search engines brings visitors but by optimizing your website for users, you get consumers. Undoubtedly, your website needs consumers and not just visitors.
  • Your consumers/visitors will come back only if they get what ISO defines as ‘User Experience’ which is possible only by optimizing your website for users otherwise they will move elsewhere. The better user experience they get from your website, the higher will be the conversion rate of your website.
  • It forms a reputation in the market which you can always account as goodwill.

Giving more importance to user optimization would automatically lead to optimization for the search engines. Even search engines want maximum users to search on them rather than their competitors and therefore, they put maximum emphasis on user satisfaction.


Now when you know that optimizing your website for users is much more important, the question arises how to optimize your website for search engines as well as users? Again the solution is very simple. Keep only authentic, informative, creative and well-presented content on your website. Before publishing anything, just put yourself in the shoes of the target user and understand what he is actually looking for. If he won’t find what he is looking for, he will exit the website increasing the bounce rate of your website.

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Also, after optimizing the content and graphics on your website, you also need to make sure that the best search engine optimization practices are also followed. Here is the checklist for the same:

  • Instead of stuffing visitors with keywords, create a homepage/blog which will provide them fine user experience. Be concise and clear on what you can offer them. Make them dig through your website to find out more about your business. At the same time, there has to be a right balance of content with the interface.
  • Make the navigation easy. User optimization doesn’t mean to display everything on the home page. It just aims at providing a broad picture of what you have to offer.
  • You can also take help of graphics, which is mostly ignored while optimizing sites according to search engines.
  • You must reduce frictions of any kind when a visitor is browsing through your web pages. Do not redirect your visitors to another site or open excessive pages every time they click on something. In other words, manage the efficiency of your website.
  • While advertising, focus on the type of user you are targeting. So that you get more relevant visitors whose needs and expectations you can meet.


Optimizing for users would ultimately result in the optimization of the website for the users as well as the search engines. Search engines are just a medium to connect users with the websites or the information they are looking for. And whether you take it seriously or not, search engines do take it seriously to optimize their results for their users and they would only rank those higher who have great content and can give solution to their users. So, optimize your website not for the search engines but for theirs as well as your users.

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Ravin Kapadia – Chief Conversion Officer

Ravin has in-depth understanding of all the digital marketing channels from search engine optimization to social media optimization. Through his conversion marketing strategies, Ravin has helped various online enterprises boost their profits.

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