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5th December 2016 0
Divya Pandey E-commerce Evangelist
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Engagement of users on the website clearly depicts the quality of the user experience on the website. If the content quality is good, user would stay on the website for a longer duration of time. If the user experience is good, the user would navigate for longer period of time and if it’s an ecommerce website, then he might purchase in good quantity. It’s all about how you drive engagement on your website. We have compiled a list of five web technologies or tools which have been designed to increase website engagement.

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#1. Exit intent and entry intent technology

Exit intent and entry technologies are somewhat similar to each other in functionality but they leave different impacts on the user on the website. Exit intent and entry intent technologies have been in demand especially by ecommerce stores. Let us understand them in detail:

Exit intent technology

Exit intent technology basically refers to a popup or an overlay which generally pops up when a user is about to close the website in his window or is about to exit the website. The overlay or popup generally provides the user an attractive offer or discount or updates him about any blog which he might be interested in reading. Exit intent forms generally try to capture the information of the user before he exits the website. Thus, the exit intent overlays might be coupled with a social login option or a form which asks for details like email id, name, company name etc.

Exit intent technologies are helpful in a way that they give the websites another second chance to stop the user on the website by using offers or different way of communication. It might happen that what the user came across was not of his use or understanding and thus he was leaving the website. However, if the communication on the exit intent popup matches his tone and understanding, then he might stop and stay on the website for some more duration. Similarly, in the case of exit intent popups for ecommerce stores, giving certain discount may help you increase your number of sales and order value.

Exit intent popups to increase website engagement

Entry intent Technology

Unlike exit intent technology, entry intent popups or overlays pop up as soon as the visitor comes on the website. Entry intent overlays may serve a different purpose altogether. They are mainly for updating the user about an important information or for asking them to sign up for the newsletter. However, if the entry intent is not good, it may spoil the whole user experience as it comes soon after the user enters. Thus, the entry intent should be used judiciously and smartly.

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#2. Browser push notification

Browser push notifications are another great way to drive engagement on the website. The advantage of browser push notifications is that the users gets updated even when he is not on the website. Also, you need not have the email address or the details of the user. The browser push notifications get turned on just by a click and no other activation is required. The opt-in rate for browser push notifications is very high and the opt-out rate is very low. Also, as the user is not entering any email details, the efforts in confirming the email id get reduced. The browser push notifications for ecommerce can be used for notifying the users about new product arrivals, new discounts and offers and blog updates. Those who have abandoned the cart, also may get converted into paying customers by sending them effective promotional updates about the offers and discounts.

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Browser push notifications to increase website engagement

#3. Social proofing

Is your content worth sharing on social media? Is there any easy way on the website which allows your visitors to share content on social media? Do you have a good social media presence? All these questions sum up to one basic question: is your website social proof? With the advent and increase in outreach of social media channels, presence on social media channels has become highly effective. If your business or brand is being liked on social media and your readers are sharing and re-tweeting it then it generates social signals which do have an impact on search engine rankings to some extent. Also, if you want multiplied engagement on your content, then ensure that it is written for social media. If not all, then at least some parts of it should be shareable or worth sharing.

#4. Chat- Humanization

Chat system do have an impact on driving engagement on the website and increasing conversions. For B2B and ecommerce both, chat systems come off as really helpful. Adding human value to it can even add more value to the engagement and conversion rate. If you add human faces to the chat systems, then you add a human factor which lets the visitor believe that they are talking to a human who is present for their help or solving their queries. This encourages them to ask questions instantly as and when it comes in their mind. This not only helps increase website engagement but may also increase the sales or conversions.

#5. Drip email marketing

Drip email marketing also known as behavioral campaigns, autoresponders or marketing automation are a great way to increase website engagement. Let us consider a situation- a visitor comes on the website and signs up for the newsletter or provides his contact details including the email id. What generally happens next? The user receives a confirmation email and then he starts receiving emails which are sent to users from that day onwards. However, most of the times it happens that they receive emails which are new and they never receive the emails which were sent to other users before they subscribed. Drip email marketing campaign solves this.

By drip email marketing, we can schedule email campaigns for every action the visitor takes. For example, if a user subscribes then an email is sent to him the next day or on the same day. If he takes the desired action (as targeted by email) then another email is sent to him within a few days. If he does not perform the desired action then a different mail is sent to him. Based on further behavior other emails are sent. This is one of the ways drip email marketing can be generated.

Drip email campaigns can be utilized for bringing back the visitors on the website, driving engagement on the website and also for converting the leads into paying customers.

By drip email marketing, we can schedule email campaigns for every action the visitor takes. #email #marketing #automation Click To Tweet


The above mentioned web technologies and tools can be used for driving engagement on all types of websites. Be it the entry intent technology, exit intent technology, browser push notifications, chat humanization, social proofing or drip email marketing, all of them have just one pre-requisite: use them smartly. If utilized smartly then can drive engagement but if used poorly, the opposite might happen. Thus, we recommend to use these tools in the best possible way.



Divya Pandey – E-commerce Evangelist

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