8 Effective ways to boost conversions for B2B websites!

7th June 2016 0
Ravin Kapadia Chief Conversion Officer
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Most of the B2B websites know what they want but the path to it is often confusing. To decode, they know they want leads for their business but are stuck at the tricky question of how to get conversions for B2B websites? A B2B website is different from an e-commerce website as it is not looking for individual customers buying retail products but is interested in other businesses that can help the B2B business develop and grow further. And because both the websites have different goals, they have different ways to boost conversions. A B2B business is basically looking for leads to generate revenue by exchanging services, products and information.

Boost conversions for B2B websites

Here are the most basic and important things that will surely help you boost conversions for B2B websites:

Target Right People

  • When you are putting efforts on advertisements don’t focus on showing it to a large number of people. Instead, make sure that it reaches the right kind of audience. Relevant advertisements will boost your leads and conversion rate of your B2B website.
  • Take the help of web analytics to get the graph of people looking at your ads, visiting your website, and turning into leads. Use it further to optimize the website for users.
  • Based on your web analytics report, fix your shortcomings.
Don't focus on showing your ads to a large number of people. Instead, focus on relevant users. Click To Tweet

Website Design

  • It should be clear and crisp. The design should be conversion focused and should add value to both: the user goals as well as the business goals. You can add additional information but make sure the most important points are highlighted.
  • It should be user-friendly and fast. Slow loading websites drop your conversion rates massively.
  • Be clear on what you are offering, the visitor should be convinced that you are a relevant B2B business for them.
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Website Traffic

  • Search engine optimization will help you in diverting traffic to your website by optimizing the content of your website.
  • Social media marketing is extremely important. But make sure you are putting efforts in the right place by targeting the right category of people.
  • E-mail marketing also helps in getting convertible leads. E-mail relevant information about your company and other offers to your dedicated e-mail list.
  • Create blogs that have relevant articles. The keywords in the articles can be of great help. You can also share them on social media websites. People looking for similar articles/information will eventually find a way to your website. These blogs ensure quality traffic, those who are interested in your business.

Build Trust

  • Use previous customer testimonials on your website to induce the visiting business that you are long into the business and fair.
  • Provide your contact information on the homepage. It has to do significantly with the trust factor which is very important for a B2B business.


  • Provide them enough platforms to communicate with you. Along with your contact information, live chat can also help in getting more leads.
  • Ask for their contact information. Don’t force it, though. Just a polite and compact form.
  • Make them understand how you can help them achieve their business goals by utilizing the contact information you retrieved from them.


  • A B2B transaction doesn’t take place with a single click or a single visit to the website like it does frequently in case of e-commerce websites. Use it to your benefit. At the first click, you get a rough idea of what the client is looking for. Next time they return, your home page should be full of services/products they are interested in.


  • Do experiments and tests on your websites and see how your visitor’s response is in both cases. Choose the one with better results as the default design.
  • For example, test with a form with detailed columns and one with just compact and relevant information. See which one is more accepted by the visitors.
  • Same goes with the content of the website. Try changing your keywords and note down the differences. Customize your website content accordingly.
Do tests on your website & see the response of visitors. Make the best one, the default one. Click To Tweet


  • It’s difficult to retrieve data from the visitors. Try out offers that need to fill out a compact form to get access to it. For example, you can offer them free B2B white papers, e-books and access to relevant articles. They might not fill out the main form but the mandatory fields would be enough to get sufficient information about the visitor. Use them to get in contact with them later.
  • Proper content is also important for what you are offering. Don’t shout out things like ‘Download now!’, instead just a polite message ‘Register and get instant access’ will suffice.
  • Keep the offers time bound. Don’t let the visitor take it for granted that they will get it whenever they return. Mention that it’s a limited time offer and that they should hurry!


The above methods provide a strong base for customizing a B2B website to generate maximum conversions for B2B websites. However, we need to understand that when it comes to web-based enterprises, be it B2B or B2C, it becomes very important to take care of good user experience and optimized content on the website.


Ravin Kapadia – Chief Conversion Officer

Ravin has in-depth understanding of all the digital marketing channels from search engine optimization to social media optimization. Through his conversion marketing strategies, Ravin has helped various online enterprises boost their profits.

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