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17th November 2016 0
Syed Zainul Haque Assitant Marketing Manager
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On 12th July, Pizza Hut blog read as “Pizza Hut, recognized as the pizza restaurant which serves and delivers more pizzas than any other pizza restaurant in the world, along with leading SaaS platform tech company Conversable, are announcing today the launch of a new Pizza Hut social ordering platform, or “chatbot,” to allow for conversational ordering of favourite pizzas and other menu items on Facebook Messenger and Twitter”.

We have recently witnessed a huge rise in high profile entering into the foray of chatbots. In case, you are assuming that Chatbot is a latest new technology that let me inform you that Chatbots aren’t new technology. One of the earliest chatbots, ELIZA, was published in 1966. Click To Tweet and used the same pattern-matching foundation that many modern chatbots currently rely on to deliver human-like responses.

The recent development is mainly about chatbot being developed for various messaging platforms. Organizations today are focussing on neural nets, deep learning and real-world human trainers. Chatbot is expected to revolutionize major industries and business processes. They are expected to take customer experience to a complete new level.

By now, you must be wondering why you should consider having a chatbot for your website or mobile application. Let me tell you the answer


  1. Fully scalable customer service
    Chatbots are expected to disrupt the customer service experience with its ability to interact and respond quickly. You need to employ a customer service representative only for limited cases as all generic cases will be handled smoothly by these bots. This will help you minimize your expense along with engaging your customers efficiently.
  2. Improved customer intelligence
    These chatbots come with ability to store data points which can be used to personalize and optimize your services. They will help you create a feeling of connectivity and improved customer relationships. These will help you magnify your lead generation ability. What can you expect out of it, higher conversions right?
  3. Help you gain competitive advantage
     You no longer need to get bogged down tp giants in the industry but create competitive advantage for yourself. Services like cloud computing aim to provide small business with same resources as that to small companies. Chatbot will help you do this too as you can customize and use those services which giants aim to exploit soon.
  4. Create conversational commerce
    2016, is recognized as the year of conversational commerce and chatbot are the providers of this experience. Chatbots aims to provide conversation based interface which will help you create a different navigational experience. Instead of finding information via a search tab or drop down menu, chatbots will help optimize the chats according to customer experience and get all answers under a single platform.

Though current chatbots are still vulnerable to inconsistent experience but with current iterations and technological progress it is not too long that you might be dealing with chatbots on your competitor’s website.

So, why not get the first mover advantage? Have yours and let your customers have a seamless experience you were waiting for!


Syed Zainul Haque – Assitant Marketing Manager

Zainul works with us as Assistant Manager- Marketing and he ensures that the marketing strategies are devised, discussed and executed on time. He has enormous multi-tasking ability in him with an interest in multiple domains. This enables him to think out of the box marketing solutions for us and our clients. He is a people’s person and thus, when he is not working, he would be found interacting with the colleagues.

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