Why conversion marketing is important for online businesses?

4th March 2016 0
Divya Pandey E-commerce Evangelist
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Lifeline of any business is more sales, more sale of services, more subscriptions and in just one word – more conversions. When it comes to online businesses, there are mainly two types of conversions – lead generation for b2b businesses and sales for eCommerce stores. Now, the question remains same- how do we optimize our website for conversions? The solution is the optimization of the conversion rate. It’s not about doing a different thing, it is all about doing the same thing differently. We have to create websites, we have to create ads anyways, so why not to create it in the best way that it sells to its optimum. Quoting Colin R. Davis- “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.”

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So, why conversion marketing is important?

Conversion Marketing is the act of converting your website visitors into leads, leads into paying customers and paying customers into repeat customers. But as conversions for different businesses are different, conversion marketing is the act of getting leads converted. Conversion marketing covers everything- right from the conversion analytics to the conversion centered design & development, designing of conversion friendly pages within the structure of the website, optimization of sponsored ads and many more elements which will contribute to getting conversions. So, it’s all about getting conversions by psychological and emotional targeting.

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And yes, if you are not willing to risk the usual elements, then you will have to settle for the ordinary results.

How to optimize your website for more conversions?

If you can focus on some of the important elements and strategies, then you can surely get better conversions. Some of the important things to be kept in mind are:

1. Behavioral analysis of the targeted user group

The consumer is the ultimate king and to analyze what he is thinking is the key towards getting the conversions. Big data and web intelligence are the biggest tools today for studying the user behavior online. Just do the mapping and get the best.

2. Creation of conversion centered design

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Yes, the design should be conversion centered. And when I say conversion centered design, I really do not mean user-centered design.  They are different and you may read How Conversion Centered Design Is Different From User-Centered Design?

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3. Development of website optimal for conversions

No matter how quick and perfect you are at work, if the website is not speedy and has bugs, you need optimization right away. Always, whenever you finalize a developer or any agency for development, just ensure if they are going to create a website which is speed optimized, optimized for marketing efforts and is tested thoroughly.

Also, along with that what looks good on the front-end should also be good in the code structure, i.e., the code should be neat and clean. It is important for search rankings also as search engines these days go to an extent of checking the quality of code.

4. Conversion friendly web pages within the structure of the website

Conversion friendly web pages are very important. The homepage is designed with a general purpose in mind. It represents the first page of the whole website which gives an opportunity to visitors to explore the whole site. The homepage speaks about the company, corporate values and provides navigation to other pages whereas a conversion friendly web page is focused on just one thing. It represents only one purpose and that’s why it gives more conversions. Having conversion friendly web pages for important features is again very important for higher conversions.

5. Multivariate or A/B Testing

Testing is the key towards perfection and conversion. It’s very important to know what’s working for the website and what is not. Testing may help in deciding which design out of 2 works the best for the page.

6. Optimization of the sponsored adverts

Be it the Google ads, Facebook ads or twitter ads, maintain the conversational momentum. Keep the texts and the page the ad is leading to in sync with each other.

7. Personalized emails

By far, email marketing is the marketing which gives the best results on investment. Sending personalized emails, customized emails, and drip campaigns do make an impact- a very positive impact. And if it’s really great, it will make an impact on the friend circle of the customer too. Gossips and discussions you see? Make your emails great, get great business.

8. Social proof

Social proof is again an important thing. Presence on social media matters. The presence of your brand where your target users are matters more. At the same time, reviews and comments matter. Whenever I buy anything online, I check the reviews for sure and if there are negative reviews about the quality of product or service then I don’t buy but at the same place, if there are some good or neutral reviews, I get one more reason to buy the product and service.

9. Personalized Chat based on the customer behavior

Personalized chat is a good way to engage and solve queries of the users when they come on the website. Proactive chats, reactive chats, exit chats etc. based on their behavior pattern can help them convert easily.

10. Personalized targeted offers and campaigns

Based on the demographics and the behavior pattern of the customer, personalized targeted offers and campaigns can be launched which would lead to better conversions.

11. Re-targeting the users

Remarketing tags enable you to track which user visited which product which can be used for re-targeting the user by showing them related ads wherever they go on the web.

There are many more marketing elements which can be added based on the business. However, optimizing on at least these points can bring great results in terms of sales, conversions and ROI.


Sales are important for the growth of the business and repeated and cross-sales are important for higher and faster growth of the business. In all the ways, conversion marketing can prove to be the most important tool for the growth of the online business. From bringing a new customer to getting the purchase done, from happy visitors to repeated customers, conversion marketing helps you achieve it all.


Divya Pandey – E-commerce Evangelist

As an e-commerce evangelist at Conversion Bug, Divya keeps on experimenting new methods to increase the conversion rates of the e-commerce stores. Increasing the profits of the stores is her primary goal. She writes on topics related to Conversion rate optimization, conversion marketing, and e-commerce CRO.

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