Conversion Analysis

To optimize is to maximize the profits even when the traffic is less and to read what’s the psychology of the user is a great challenge in itself and we love that. Analysing the customer behaviour pattern and optimizing the website accordingly is what we find exciting. We use various big data analytics tools for extracting the information out of the raw data. Our team of analysts come with years of experience in this domain.

Conversion Design

The customer behavior we see is the behavior we have designed for. What matters is how you touch the heart and strike the mind of your visitor. It’s the design which either builds or destroys the user’s interest. Our UX researchers do a research of user as well as the enterprise and create information architecture and design wireframe based on that. What our team is good at? Creating amazing user experiences.

Conversion Development

Speed is one thing and perfection is another. When combined together in a website, that’s when a business grows exponentially. We believe that no matter how much time it takes to be created, it shouldn’t take time when the website is loaded. Also, we strictly follow the development timeline and adhere to the deadlines. We develop only what is the best, the converting and the perfect.


Conversion Marketing

Not every visitor visits the website with the same outlook and not everybody leaves with the same experience. A major part of their behaviour also depends upon the channel through which they have come to your website. Marketing things in the right way and setting expectations is the key. We, through our conversion marketing services ensure quality user experience.


Conversion Marketing Success Stories

Xsun Window Films

For xSun, Magento eCommerce website was designed and developed after deeply studying the business and the behavior of targeted user groups. We developed interactive demo viewer tools for automotive films and other films to increase the conversion quotient.

Glory Sports Management

For Glory sports, the company which empowers athletes in various ways, we created website with more passion to bring out the passion from the website. The visuals and content were curated to build trust and credibility.

Help Them Shine

For Help Them Shine, fully functional website with clear navigation and call to action was designed and with a fresh marketing strategy. We created the content to make the website look more credible. After our rigorous efforts, the number of sales increased exponentially.

My Nutra Mart

For My Nutra Mart, which is a leading brand for nutritional supplements,end-to-end solutions were provided; Extensive social media marketing, semantic engine optimization and site optimization resulted in greater profits.

Ram Coolers

Conversion bug offered unique solution of digital marketing using Social Media, SEO & PPC starting from February, which marks the start of summer season. Due to our focused analysis and well-planned strategy, the visit on the site went up by 700%.

Cancer Helpline

Cancer Helpline, an unique initiative for providing reliable cancer related information. The cancer helpline is designed on Drupal CMS and is fully customized keeping in mind conversion quotient. Advanced search and many other features are added.

Vista Nutrition

For Vista Nutrition, we created a conversion oriented website. The website was created based on the insights we had gained after in-depth analysis of the target customer group. Advanced features boosted the conversion rate of Vista.

Zenith Nutrition

For Zenith Nutrition, end to end solution was provided. Based on our customer behavior pattern analysis for Zenith, we created tools for helping users understand the usage of different nutrient supplements. It boosted up the sales.

Stock Silver Jewelry

For Stock Silver Jewelry, we provided end to end solutions from web development to search engine optimization and content marketing to social media optimization. We could achieve quality traffic and greater sales within 6 months.

Hired Conversion bug 75% Bounce Rate 8X Leads 90% Conversion Quotient
Hired Conversion bug 88% Bounce Rate 4X Leads 60% Conversion Quotient
Hired Conversion bug 41% Bounce Rate 8X First Month Sales 400% Overall Growth
Hired Conversion bug 23% Bounce Rate 4X Leads 30% Conversion Quotient
Hired Conversion bug 70% Bounce Rate 23X ROI 700% Visitors
Hired Conversion bug 41% Bounce Rate 3X Leads 75% Conversion Quotient
Hired Conversion bug 40% Bounce Rate 3X Social Presence 23% Conversion Quotient
Hired Conversion bug 24% Bounce Rate 8X Leads 68% Conversion Quotient
Hired Conversion bug 60% Bounce Rate 7X Leads 41% Conversion Quotient

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