What Is Conversion Quotient?

Conversion QuotientTM is our proprietary formula that measures capability of a website (on a scale of 1 to 100) to attract relevant traffic and convert them into leads / sales.

Based on year of research and no. of experiments, we could directly correlate Conversion QuotientTM with bottom line. It has been observed that increase in Conversion QuotientTM has resulted into more sales / leads and eventually into bottom line.

How It Works?

Whether it is large or small, e-commerce or just a corporate website, every website has its own Conversion QuotientTM that can potentially help in generating additional revenue. We consider 112 different factors (external /internal) while calculating Conversion QuotientTM.


  • Navigation Structure
  • User Experience
  • Technology Platform
  • Coding Structure
  • Website Loading Speed


  • Social Ranking Awareness
  • Visits
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time Spent On Site
  • Navigation
  • Source Of Visits
  • Demand

Why Conversion Quotient?

Conversion optimization is similar to compounding interest. New increase in revenue per visit or conversion rate are built on top of the last month’s wins. An increase in conversion rate of just 7% every month will double your revenue in one year. This is the power of Conversion Rate Optimization.

Traffic can be brought to a site by various ways but what converts a visitor into a lead is the Conversion Quotient of the website.