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Golfing Nation

We provided a wide selection of services to Golfing Nation- from audience demographics to detailed prototypes and development of their website, plus our usual digital marketing services. The goal of all these efforts was singular- converting visitors to leads, and leads to desired customers, golf equipment buyers and, subsequently, golf players.

About Golfing Nation

Golfing Nation is a 2016-founded startup, that wanted to tap into the huge potential that Indian markets hold for golf, because of the nascent stage that golfing was in, in India. They have a vision- to make India as much golf-avid as any other country. For this, they wanted to create a one-stop solution for all the golfing needs of a player- both amateurs, as well as professionals. And they wanted to create a network/community of Indian golfers as well.

Business Need

To promote their business, Golfing Nation needed to popularize golf amongst Indian masses, which was a behemoth task in itself- reason being that golf was hugely considered an exclusively elite game, with nothing of interest for masses.
Also, to promote golf, changing perception alone was not enough.
Golf equipments were not available everywhere- and where they were available, people didn’t know much about it.
So a market has to be created, nurtured, and then be met with its demands.

  • Web Design
  • Lead Generation
  • seoSEO

Conversion Solution

To solve all of these problems, we decided to leverage the power of Digital Technology to its fullest.
On one hand, we began social media and digital campaigns and drives, to draw awareness to that golf is, in fact, a very accessible sport for common people, like any other sport.
On the other hand, we developed a website, an ecommerce store, and iOS/Android apps, to make sure the interested golfers have a comprehensive and exhaustive access to the full range of golfing requirements, including online tee times, trainer booking and accessories solutions.
As a result, today Golfing Nation has become the leading provider of these services across the nation, and is getting acknowledged for its contribution to developing a golfing culture in India as well.

  • Customized Category Pages
  • keyword-rich-contentKeyword Rich Content
  • Interactive Tools
  • link-buildingLink Building
  • Easy Navigation & Effective Menu
  • Product Wise Inquiry Support
90% Conversion QuotientTM

After working on various internal and external factors important for conversions, we could improve the conversion quotient of Golfing Nation website by 90%

75% Bounce Rate

We maintained the content quality to get the relevant traffic on the website. This reduced the bounce rate on website by 75% resulting in more leads.

8X Leads

The conversion centered design, the visual appeal and various interactive tools created good impact on the consumers which gave 8X higher leads to Golfing Nation.

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