Outsourcing Partnership

Now “extend” your office to offshore location in India.
WIth issues of staff benefits, pensions, HR management, etc. out of the way, wouldn’t it be easier to focus on your core business, and see to its growth? No more issues of recruitment, training, and skill upgradation of your own staff, and the hassles of software upgradations, licensing deadlines, peripheral upgradations etc.
The solution is simple: Contact Conversion Bug, to become an extension of your office.
You’d swear by the advantages from day one.
The financial benefits of the same can be a cost reduction as much as up to 60%, along with avoiding the risks generally associated with traditional vendor outsourcing.

As a CB Partner, enjoy

  • Complete technical support, 24/7

  • Access to our solutions expertise

  • Increased ROI and Customer Productivity

  • Reduced Costs

  • Planning for Mutual Development

  • No need to focus on anything but your core business functions

  • Processes of highest standards, solutions of highest quality

  • Get referenced on Conversion Bug website

  • Global IT workforce of highest quality, available for leveraging

  • Ensured success by building offshore software development methodology

  • Increased reach of your services and solutions

Business Partnership

For an independent domain expert/business consultant, a partnership with Conversion Bug lets you completely free to pursue your core business area, with us taking care of the following for you:

  • Application and infrastructure management services

  • Linux

  • Database Management

  • All functions of programmers

  • Systems Management

  • Technical Expertise

Want to get started with this partnership??