Xsun Window Films

For xSun, we designed and developed an eCommerce website after deeply studying the business and the behavior of the target user groups. We developed interactive demo viewer tools for automotive films and other films to increase the conversion quotient. We ran multiple campaigns to generate organic leads through search engine networks and social media.

About Xsun Window Films

Xsun Window Films, based in Miami, FL is the leading provider of the best quality window films in USA. Xsun delivers a wide selection of superior quality window films for automotive, residential, commercial, safety, privacy & decorative purposes. The products are manufactured in USA under strict technical direction with the most innovative technology to achieve their goals of total customer satisfaction.

Business Need

Xsun window films provide superior quality of window films for automotive, commercial, residential, security, privacy and decorative purposes. Xsun has a very broad range of products, each having multiple specifications. The target audience of the website was very niche so it was important for us to first identify the places they hangout and then drive them to the website. However, the biggest challenge was to have simple menu, easy navigation and to represent the products in a better & visually attractive way so that better user experience and higher conversion rates are achieved. Also, giving the user an interactive tool for better understanding of projects was a big challenge.

  • Web Design
  • Lead Generation
  • seoSEO

Conversion Solution

Window films have a great demand everywhere so we did a comprehensive study to understand the target market structure and user goals. We came with a conversion centered design herein we kept in mind that the navigation is easy, menu is simple and effective, products look visually appealing. To provide a seamless experience website speed optimized in all sorts of devices.The site was developed inline with the standard focused practices keeping in mind our upcoming conversion marketing efforts.Our agenda was to drive traffic in organic ways so we wrote keyword specific content with both on page and off page optimization.

  • Customized Category Pages
  • keyword-rich-contentKeyword Rich Content
  • Interactive Tools
  • link-buildingLink Building
  • Easy Navigation & Effective Menu
  • Product Wise Inquiry Support
90% Conversion QuotientTM

After working on various internal and external factors important for conversions, we could improve the conversion quotient of Xsun window films website by 90%

75% Bounce Rate

We maintained the content quality to get the relevant traffic on the website. This reduced the bounce rate on website by 75% resulting in more leads.

8X Leads

The conversion centered design, the visual appeal and various interactive tools created good impact on the consumers which gave 8X higher leads to Xsun.

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