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UX (or User eXperience) is one of the most important web parameters of the day- the whole success or failure of two products, same in every other aspect, could happen just because of this. UX design entails defining, refining and ‘polishing’ of user’s journey- right from landing on the product, right up to the desired conversion- before the product is even prepared. At Conversion Bug, we put in all the required efforts to make sure that this journey gets completed without even a single glitch. Our UX designers constantly keep improving- to make sure your user gets only the best UX ever.

Our Process


When we dig into a problem, it’s an ‘open buffet’ for all- the whole UX design team puts their heads together, and pulls out whatever they can, about the problem.
This brings in nearly all the problem-data on the surface, in no time. Not only that, everyone is up-to-speed on the whole problem, because of their contribution to bringing out a part.


Once the problem has been ‘unpacked’, we begin pondering over the solutions.
We sketch as many possible solutions as we can, and then permute and combine every possible match of problem-solution duo that we can.
We draw diagrams in our mind, we mind-map, note and go overboard with crazy, in our zest to leave no solution out of our sketchbook.
When this stage gets finally over, we are in no shortage of solution sketches.


Once spoilt for choices about the solution, we try to match every solution with the constraints around the problem, as well as additional those provided by the client.
Usually, this leads to a filtering, and leaves very few solutions on the table.
When down to a manageable number, we converge on the most optimal solution- based, mainly, though not entirely, on whether the client is looking for superior ease-of-use, or best possible performance, from the solution.


Once the best solution (or solutions) is decided and agreed upon, everyone is brought on-board with it once again, and we begin prototyping.
In prototyping, everyone again starts contributing to the complete solution, just like unpacking the whole problem, instead of parts, and then, at the end of the day, we have a prototype product- that ought to do the trick, and solve the client’s problem.


Once the solution prototype is completely made, we then test the product- not amongst ourselves but by real-life users, who match the profile of the most probable end-user of the product.
At Conversion Bug, we prefer not having in-house testers, to maintain their brutal objectivity as well as to maximise the user perspective on the product, by bringing in newer faces to it.
The entire UX team watches these test user’s journey and takes notes, enabling us to have knowledge and in-depth critique on the product.


Website Design

Our team of UX developers is highly experienced and proven-successful in designing web-based products and platforms that drive high the conversion rates. We think from the average web-surfer’s mind, and dissect every pixel accordingly. This makes the actual user highly satisfied in online engagement with our websites, and hence conversion rates and ROIs shoot upwards.

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Mobile Design

If mobile is the future of web, we’re committed to be an indisposable factor of that future. Keeping this vision in mind, we design our mobile apps to be maximum user-engaging. The UX of our mobile apps is streamlined to the last straw, and we pride in being one of the most praised app and UX developers there are.

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Product Design

Right from the product research, and up to package design, we make sure to think our product through thoroughly before laying the development and design foundations. That’s why our product UXs are the best, and the users struggle to find a reason to complain.
From gaming to business, we, at first, understand your product as much as you do- before we start digitizing it.

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Why Choose Us?

High Conversion Rates

We redefine your web presence and your website visitor’s journey through it. Our team of highly professional, dedicated and driven UX designers creates a dynamic, and yet easy-to-follow, process flow- that takes a visitor from the landing page to where you would like them to be, through our captivating UX designs.

Cost Effectiveness

Our search engine optimization and search engine marketing, social media optimization and content optimization services come at best prices, and we make sure that you get more than the value for your money from us.

Results-Driven Team

Our team marks its success and failure by just one metric- client satisfaction. We take goals from you and deliver upon the very same- and that’s how we do our business. No matter what it takes, our commitment to you becomes our commandment of doing business with you.

Security Guaranteed

We assure you of safety and security of your business, in the hands of our team. Your sensitive and important data is as important for us as it is for you, and we will deliver nothing less than a robust and competent security system to guard your business, data and website.

Mobile success story

Kims Hospital make pregnancy phase enjoyable and comfortable.

designed especially for pregnancy that helping thousands of mom’s to track and record their special moments, and get answer to various queries that pops up in their mind during pregnancy.

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