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How Conversion SEO Is More Effective?

Optimizing for users is optimizing for search engines. The most important key factor of search engine optimization is user experience. The search engine algorithms keep on changing from time to time. Thus, the important thing is to understand the user persona and do the keyword research which the users are searching for. At Conversion Bug, we optimize the website by keeping in mind the standard practices of the search engine optimization and also, we focus on great user experience.

Our unique SEO solution for an emerging player in the Indian air cooler industry

A comparatively small but emerging player in Indian air cooler industry had very small presence as compared to giants like Crompton Grieves, Symphony & Bajaj. Also, with limited resources and marketing budget it was not possible to go for mass media promotion. Getting good number of visitors is one thing but bringing quality and only relevant customers is a tough task. Conversion bug offered unique solution of digital marketing using Social Media, SEO & PPC starting from February, which marks the start of summer season. Due to our focused analysis and well-planned strategy, the visit on the site went up by 700%.

With our efforts, Out of every 10 people who wanted to buy an air cooler, 6 people gave consideration to buy this brand and the ROI went up by whopping 850%.

700% Visitors
74% Bounce Rate
850% ROI