KIMS Cuddles

Our services to KIMS included a wide-ranging platter- from audience demographics to detailed prototypes and development of their website, plus our usual digital marketing services. And all of the above converged on one goal- converting the website-visiting audience to the hospital-visiting customer.

About KIMS Cuddles

KIMS Cuddles is an initiative started by the reputed Hyderabad hospital Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), for pregnant women. Along with the traditional pregnancy, gynaecology, and post-delivery maternity care, it also included various other services like fertility, preconception health care, pediatrics, etc.

Business Need

Since the market- pregnancy, and related services- was already highly competitive and saturated, though still flourishing, so any new entrant needs to bring to the table something unique and innovative- which could compel patients to choose them. The biggest challenge was to find that one USP, that would do the compelling. We needed to find something that would establish pregnant moms’ trust in KIMS Cuddles.

  • Web Design
  • Lead Generation
  • seoSEO

Conversion Solution

We decided to leverage the information technology as that USP; to convert prospects to interested leads, and finally patrons, of KIMS Cuddles.
We came up with the proposal of a dedicated and separate website, and iOS/Android apps, for KIMS Cuddles, all of them to be designed and developed with the highest conversion-focused standards that we religiously follow. We proposed to them a lot of customer-attracting IT solutions; like a tool for ovulation calculation, a special blog for pregnancy related topics, etc.
Along with these, we made sure that the user experience of a lead was of utmost satisfaction. We tried to achieve that by optimizing the design, as well as development features like website loading time, app launch time, etc., for conversion-focused goals.

  • Customized Category Pages
  • keyword-rich-contentKeyword Rich Content
  • Interactive Tools
  • link-buildingLink Building
  • Easy Navigation & Effective Menu
  • Product Wise Inquiry Support
90% Conversion QuotientTM

After working on various internal and external factors important for conversions, we could improve the conversion quotient of KIMS Cuddles website by 90%

75% Bounce Rate

We maintained the content quality to get the relevant traffic on the website. This reduced the bounce rate on website by 75% resulting in more leads.

8X Leads

The conversion centered design, the visual appeal and various interactive tools created good impact on the consumers which gave 8X higher leads to KIMS Cuddles.

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