What is Conversion Marketing?

Conversion Marketing is the discipline of creating successful online marketing experiences for both businesses and customers- and constantly improving them through testing. It’s a long term investment which brings higher conversions, improves branding and valuation and boosts the return on investment. Conversion marketing involves strategies for all the activities right from bringing an user to the website or landing page and getting the conversion done.

Why conversion marketing is important because it enables websites to attract more traffic on the website, generate higher number of leads as the conversion rate is high and boost the return on investment. More than anything, the best thing which conversion marketing experts to do is that they devise a solution which meets user goals as well as business goals.

Our Conversion Marketing Process


Our hobby is analysis and each one of us love it. We understand that analysis is the key.

When we start working on your project, the first and foremost thing which we do is that we analyse the business goals, the market trends and user behavior pattern in order to build concrete foundation for your website and application.

Conversion Centered Design

Conversion centered design is the most important link of the whole process of conversion marketing.

The analysis which we do in the first step is used for conceptualization of the website aesthetics & flow. Keeping user experience in mind, we create the design which not only appeals to the customer but convinces them for conversions too.

Conversion Focused Development

Conversion centered design is the blue-print based on which the website needs to be developed.

Our team of Magento maniacs, WordPress wizards and crazy coders ensure that the website is built with perfection and is optimized for semantic engine optimization, social signals, content marketing and other marketing efforts.

Conversion Marketing

Though all the six steps combine to form the conversion marketing process

But in real sense the major test happens when we go live and promote what we have built. And that’s why the marketing process which consists of smart engine optimization, optimization of social signals, speed optimization etc is covered at this step.

Multivariate Testing

Testing is an inseparable part of our process and for whatever we create, we test it number of times.

We ensure that the functionality and usability are great. We perform various types of tests for the websites. We do multivariate testing to ensure that the conversion rate is high, however we also keep the statistics in mind before going for it.

Lead Generation

Conversion Marketing helps you generate more leads as it’s based on the psychology of the target user groups.

From creating an email newsletter to optimizing for the web & users, we use the right way for targeting the business prospects. At this step the leads start getting captured, ultimately boosting the profits.

Difference between Digital Marketing, CRO & Conversion Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing brings the traffic, increases the engagement on the website, generates great number of leads and increases the revenue but not to its optimum level.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization optimizes some of the features or elements like landing pages and ad banners in order to increase conversions. Optimizing conversion rate generates higher returns.

Conversion Marketing

Conversion marketing meets both the user and business goals by improvising the website, the strategies, the banners and every single element which will ultimately convert a visitor into paying customer.

Different Conversion Goals for Different Businesses

The goal for a laptop manufacturing company can be getting maximum sales whereas for a famous blog, it’s getting more and more number of subscribers. Some are meant for solving a problem whereas some are meant for utilizing an opportunity but no matter what be the idea, the solution, the execution and the rewards are different from each other. Similarly, conversion elements are different for all. For some it can be encapsulating visuals whereas for some it can be clear and sharp elements.

For getting the conversions, everything from a full stop to a call to action button counts. Conversion marketing covers all of these. From creation to optimization, from leads to purchase, from happy customers to happy to be customers, everything is a part of the process which we as a conversion marketing company follow.

What Our Conversion Marketing Experts Do?

Conversion marketing experts at Conversion Bug understand that what worked for a jewelry brand won’t work for a healthcare company and thus they work on everything from aesthetics to usability and interactivity. They keep following things in mind:

  • Catalyst: What is the user’s motivation and traffic source?
  • Value – Are we actually creating an unique and specific solution for the user?
  • Usability: Will the user say awesome after visiting the website?
  • Persuasion: How clear is the value proposition, and what is the incentive to act on it?
  • Confidence: Is the design able to add value to the brand? Is it giving confidence to the user?
  • Aesthetics: How is the appearance of the site impacting their decisions?
  • Interactivity: Is the website interactive and engaging enough to respond to the user’s actions and individual needs?

What we don’t do!

  • We don’t use any generic approach or solution and apply it on you.
  • We don’t start design and development before understanding the customer behaviour pattern
  • And we don’t give any lorem ipsum template.
  • Well, we see your money as our money and thus invest it judiciously to get higher ROI