What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a creative and strategic marketing approach which focuses on creating and distributing relevant, valuable, authentic and consistent content to attract and retain the target audience which ultimately results in lead generation.

Undoubtedly, sales are the top goal of content marketing. The best kind of advertising is to provide quality. If you provide quality content, you get quality traffic. Blogs, being the most effective of all, attract quality traffic to the website organically. Content marketing is also the proved method to convey the brand value and company’s story in the best way. When combined with email marketing, results of content marketing increase exponentially.

Our Content Marketing Process

Buyer Persona

Researching about the buyer persona is what we do the foremost.

Our content team performs a research on buyer persona and understands their behavior online. We understand the buyers or the readers who might be interested in coming to your website or finding related content. We understand the tone they would like and accordingly, we take the further steps.

Buyer Journey

The content is tailor made depending upon the buyer’s journey

So, what are the stages of the buyer’s journey? They are awareness, consideration and decision stage. We research and understand the user for whom we are writing. Directly talking about the sale or conversion won’t help- however helping the user get information is the first and the right step.

Keyword Research

Before the content curation comes the keyword research

After understanding the buyer persona, we get an idea of what the user might search online. Thus, we do the keyword research and make a list of the queries the user might search. Furthermore, we use only those keywords which are long-tail and add a proper meaning to the query of the user.

Content Curation

Our team starts writing the content using your tone

We keep in mind the brand factor and the positioning of your business while writing the content for your website or blog. We synchronize the words of your brand with the tone which goes with the user. We make the content informative, authentic and creative to serve the users a perfect reading material.

SEO Optimization

The content gets optimized by our search engine optimization team

We ensure that the content written by the content experts is also optimized for search engines before it goes out for publication. We write the meta description and meta title for the content which is optimized around a specific focus keyword. The keyword density is also checked and optimized.

Content Distribution

Social media team comes into action

We also make efforts to distribute the content to the users on the social media by various means. Our social media team takes the responsibility of the content distribution to various groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and stumble upon. We also distribute the content on twitter and Pinterest.

Importance of good content

What we publish on our website matters a lot. It has a direct impact on the popularity and success of the website. Words are really important for any type of marketing. And these words are the basic builders of any content which attracts traffic to a website. What you write and publish reflects what you actually are. Thus, the type of content we publish on our website should be based on the brand value and the business requirements.

When we talk about ‘Good Content’ we refer to the content which is creative, authentic, concrete and relevant to the topic we have chosen. But there is no point publishing good content if it is not related to the business at all. That’s where the content marketing comes into play. Its a strategic as well as creative approach to attracting quality traffic on the website. Informative, authentic, concrete, unique and well-presented content are very important for getting higher ranking on search engines. And thus, if the content is well defined, then organic traffic multiplies.

Giving the users quality content to read is the best kind of advertising. If every piece of the content is excellent, then, it will not reach only your audiences but also the audiences of your audience. Sharing is what we call it and to get your content shared like anything good content is important. By publishing good content, a company can establish its core values in the minds of its customers.

What do our content experts do?

From blogs to infographics, creative content to informative content, our content curators have expertise in creating relevant content for the different type of businesses. Our content strategy is built after calculating the conversion quotient of the website. The content is focused on the customers and it is curated after studying what exactly the target group is looking for. We follow our own algorithm for selecting the themes for the content to be written and selecting the most relevant long-tail keyword as the focus keyword. Keyword density and creativity are fully taken care of by us. Our content marketing efforts are not focused on sell sell sell words but they compel the users to get converted into a lead.