Vista Nutrition

For Vista Nutrition, we provided end to end conversion solution. The website was created based on the insights we had gained after in-depth analysis of the target customer group. Advanced features boosted the conversion rate of Vista.

About Vista Nutrition

Vista Nutrition is the leading brand of nutrient supplements in India. The complete line of nutritional products of Vista Nutrition includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, standardized herbal concentrates and amino acids. The focus of Vista has always been towards optimizing the nutritional value and product effectiveness for its customers.

Business Need

Vista Nutrition has a very broad range of nutritional supplements for all the age groups. The nutritional product range includes vitamins, minerals, standardized herbal concentrates, probiotics and amino acids. The business requirement was to simplify the way users search for the supplements on the website and the way they get the results. Increasing the cost per acquisition for Vista Nutrition was a major challenge as well.

  • Web Design
  • Lead Generation

Conversion Solution

When it comes to health care, providing easy to understand, clear, concise and correct information with speed becomes high priority. We studied the behavior pattern of the users who search for and buy supplements online and after studying their online behavior, we came up with features which would simplify the supplement purchasing experience for users and optimize the conversions for Vista Nutrition.

  • Advanced Search Bar
  • Customized Product Pages
  • Interactive Design
  • Easy Navigation & Effective Menu
23% Conversion QuotientTM

We worked upon the important internal and external factors which were crucial for increasing the conversions on the Vista Nutrition website.

40% Bounce Rate

Through content optimization & right usage of keywords, we could attract relevant traffic to the website which decreased the bounce rate by 40%.

3X Social Presence

The conversion centered design, conversational momentum and search bar feature created good impact on the consumers which increased its social presence by 3X.

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