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What can we do for you?

When it comes to Magento, our skillset is unrivaled. We truly understand the language and landscape and work relentlessly to empower clients to be their industry pace-setter.

M1 to M2 Migration

In comparison with M1, M2 version of Magento runs 20% faster, on an average, and, hence, so does the website. A faster website speed leads to not just more sales, but also higher Search Engine Optimization rankings and score.

Magento on AWS

For getting a significant improvement in overall system performance, it is imperative that Magento be properly configured with the appropriate hardware capabilities and software configurations. And our Magento team knows just the right way of how to go about it!

Android / iOS / Web app integration

Going mobile is the next escalation for your ecommerce store, and Magento plays a role here as well. An extended outreach to millions of smartphone users can widen your business reach, and a slick-and-lean mobile app is exactly what your online store needs next.

Magento Theme Development

While using the Magento platform, having the right theme for your Magento installation is a very integral part of your website’s development process. For the last two years, numerous clients have marveled over our very responsive and pixel-perfect, customized Magento themes, owing to years of experience of our team.

Managed Service

In our Managed Support Services, we provide the client with an access to our team of dedicated Magento professionals, who offer both the technical and business user support. From emergency support to minor fixes and custom upgrades, our sole goal becomes to keep client’s online presence smooth and flawless.

Magento Extension Development

Magento extensions are nothing short of a godsend, when it comes to the management of your ecommerce store. Every Magento extension that we churn out is aimed at providing very specific functions for the website, thus increasing its performance and development time.

How Conversion Focused Magento Development Is Different?

Our unique solution for e-commerce website of USA based leading window films company

xSun Window Films, based in Miami, FL is the leading provider of the best quality window films in USA. Magento eCommerce website was designed and developed after deeply studying the business and the behavior of targeted user groups. In order to provide users a real time experience and to help them decide the type of window they should buy, we also developed interactive demo viewer tools for automotive films, decorative films, commercial films, residential films and paint protection films.

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By features like open & flexible architecture, engaging shopping experiences, enhanced business agility & productivity, Magento empowers its users to multiply their business profits.

Our expertise lies in driving conversion to the eCommerce stores through our certified Magento development services. Our precise methodology for creating conversion oriented websites helps us achieve perfection in our work.

Our services include Migration from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.0, Magento theme and extension development, customized websites and tools development, setup on cloud (AWS, Linode and Digital Ocean), digital marketing tags setup, etc. Depending upon the client’s conversion requirement, range of services varies.

Our Magento Journey

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