Help Them Shine

For Help Them Shine, fully functional website with clear navigation and call to action was designed and with a fresh marketing strategy. We created the content to make the website look more credible. After our rigorous efforts, the number of sales increased exponentially.

About Help Them Shine

Help Them Shine is one of its kind of eCommerce store which provides products for specially enabled children. At the eCommerce store one may get activity cards for involving those special kids into various activities, products for rehab, products for building motor skills, drinking aids, pencil grips etc.

Business Need

Help Them Shine is one of its kind of eCommerce company. It has a vast product range serving to those who are fighting a real issue. Via its products, help them shine enables the special kids in various ways. We were supposed to create a website which goes in synchronization with the vision of the company and helps people easily find the products of their need or what they are looking for. Optimization of the website with the right keywords and right content was also an important requirement.

  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Lead Generation

Conversion Solution

We created a conversion focused website for Help Them Shine with features which were able to solve the problem of parents and carers easily. Also, the theme was kept in synchronization with the psychological elements and design elements important for both the user goals as well as business goals. The products were divided into multiple categories for providing the visitors the best experience. Social media optimization’s goal was to make as many users aware about these products.

  • Conversion Centred Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Easy Navigation
  • Effective Social Signals
400% Overall Growth

Due to effective website design, unique search engine optimization strategy and informative posts on social media, the website received an overall growth of 400% in 6 months.

41% Bounce Rate

The bounce rate on the website decreased by 41% because of the correct search engine optimization, easy and effective navigation and optimized content marketing.

8X First Month Sales

For Help Them Shine, soon after the website launch, the first month sales went up by 8X because of the increased conversion rate of the website and optimized content marketing.

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